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Our Pet Grooming Services Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

pet-grooming.pngBringing your pet in for regular pet grooming services here at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic can do more than just keep your pets smelling fresh. Our professional groomers are also trained to notice any skin or coat symptoms that may indicate underlying health problems. Your pet’s specific personal hygiene needs will vary from other pets depending on whether you have a cat or a dog, and whether your pet is a long-haired, curly-haired or short-haired breed.

If you and your pet spend a lot of time playing outdoors, more frequent pet bathing can help keep pests, dirt and matting to a minimum. Regular bathing and brushing appointments also help your pet feel more comfortable when the weather is hot and can be a special treat once he or she is used to the process.

Pet Bathing and Grooming Can Catch Problems Early

While your pet may at first be reluctant to submit to a regular pet bathing and brushing routine, making it a regular habit is a healthy choice that he or she will gradually learn to enjoy. We can help even the most nervous pet relax and look forward to these appointments. Pets also learn to associate our pet grooming services with feeling cooler, cleaner and more comfortable.

When pets are not regularly brushed, a number of health issues can develop, or not be caught in a timely manner. Matting can be a very uncomfortable and problematic condition of the skin and coat. When the coat is not regularly brushed out, oils, dirt and hair knots can tangle the hair and tug on the skin. Fleas, ticks and other pests can get into these mats, causing more problems for you and your pet. Long- and curly-haired breeds are particularly susceptible to these problems and need more frequent brushing and pet bathing than short-haired breeds. 

Your pet’s breed, outdoor activity levels and health conditions are all factors in deciding how often he or she needs a visit with our groomers. And although we often think of cats as very self-grooming creatures, the truth is that they also benefit very much from regular grooming. A regular schedule of brushing, bathing and trimming can reduce the incidence of hairball digestion and indigestion for cats.

We can catch health problems before they become advanced when you bring your pet in for scheduled grooming. During brushing, bathing and trimming, we always watch out for any unusual lumps or masses as well as any skin irritations that could indicate allergies or insect bites. We also pay attention to any signs your pet may have ear trouble, or trouble with his or her toe pads. If we notice anything, we can bring it to your attention and then you can discuss a course of action for treatment.

Call us today at 941-923-3100 for a grooming appointment for your pet.