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Posted on 10-29-2013

Popular Questions About Pet Vaccinations Answered

pet vaccinationsVaccinations may seem second nature to people who have owned generations of pets, but if you just brought home your first puppy or kitten, you may be overwhelmed about how to protect him from dangerous diseases. Here are some common questions we hear at Bee Ridge Veterinary Clinic:

How important are vaccines to the health of my pet? Your pet needs to be vaccinated when he is still just a few weeks old -- it could be a matter of life or death. For those first weeks he may enjoy the protection he has received from his mother, but that wears off quickly, leaving him vulnerable to potentially deadly communicable ailments. In fact, even pet vaccines eventually lose their protective powers, so you should schedule booster shots according to our recommendations.

What are core vaccinations? Core vaccinations are those shots that guard against especially dangerous and/or common diseases that threaten every dog or cat. Rabies is the most obvious example for both species. Dogs also need core vaccinations against distemper, canine parvo and hepatitis. Cats need core vaccinations against calicivirus, rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia in addition to the rabies shot.

What other vaccinations should my puppy or kitten get? In addition to the core vaccines, additional pet vaccines may be recommended for your pet's particular needs. If you plan on boarding your pet with other animals, for instance, we might recommend vaccinations against kennel cough, an easily transmitted respiratory disease. If your pet will be spending lots of time outdoors, especially in wooded areas where ticks roam, you might want to vaccinate him against Lyme disease.

Schedule Pet Vaccines for Your Pet’s Health

Our Sarasota veterinarian will be happy to talk with you about which vaccines your pet should have, and on what kind of schedule. Between your love for your pet and our skill with animals, we can help make sure your pet lives longer and enjoys that life more. Contact us today!

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